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Experience the Red Black Shade

(रक्तकृष्ण मूक्ष्मभेद अनुभवति)

Though Red flow through the veins, black is the shadow follows till the end.

In the circle of shine and fade, let the life guide through the mist of

Red Black Shade. 

pravaham 6k copy_2.jpg

Coming Soon..

The Band

We are Red Black Shade an Vedic Metal and Experimental band, composer and recording artist based in Pune India. We are highly influenced by our Bhartiya Sanatan Vedic Hindu Culture also we have followed other various metal artists worldwide. We collaborated our Vedic culture with Metal and came up with Vedic Metal band Red Black Shade. We design our compositions according to it and try to use our ancient vedic language "Sanskrutam" in it.        

Explore the Mist

Red Black Shade Sound Factory

Original & Authentic Sound

Red Black Shade Sound Factory is the sound and background score recording department of Red Black Shade band it's active since late 2013. Their primary forms of music mainly includes acoustic guitars, electric guitars and drums.

If you are interested in collaboration or having requirement of background score or need to launch your original composition then here we are.

Background Scores

Authentic Sound



In case for any requirement or for information about Red Black Shade The Band, Sound Factory and their music ? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pune, Maharashtra 412207

+91 8983485630

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