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Red Black Shade Sound Factory

Original & Authentic Sound

Music is full of tradition. Whether it’s an inspiring tune or a commitment to write music from the heart, the members of Red Black Shade Sound Factory have embraced these traditions while establishing few of their own since joining forces back in 2013. In the time that they have been together as an influential Music Band, they have managed roll out some truly amazing tunes. Take a look around the site, and explore what the gift of music truly is.


Red Black Shade Sound Factory is the sound and background score recording department of Red Black Shade band. Red Black Shade Sound Factory is active since late 2013. They recorded several compositions of Red Black Shade band.  The band itself is the recording and mastering crew. 

Recording Equipment


High Quality

As recording is the first step towards the milestone, Red Black Shade Sound Factory provides high quality recordings as per client requirements. They provides all types of recordings like voice over, narration, speech, dialogues etc. The recording will be in high quality, also they provide after delivery support .

Mixing & Mastering 


Red Black Shade Sound Factory works through the variety of mixing & mastering for the compositions of client as per their requirements. They  are able to mix the composition as the required genre and mastering that to the delivery quality. If client requires a specific genre in which their composition fits in, Red Black Shade Sound Factory does that too.

Mixing Console

Background Scores

Authentic Sound

Red Black Shade Sound Factory undertake various projects of different genre including original compositions, background scores, soundtracks, instrumentals, audio\video mixing, guitar solos and backing and provides crew as per recording requirements.

Costume Composition

Pre-production to Final Delivery

Red Black Shade Sound Factory undertakes different projects of costume compositions and collaborations from pre-production to final delivery as per client's requirement. Even for the requirement for support to the client in between their ongoing project, Red Black Shade Sound Factory provides it.  Also undertakes the recording. mixing and mastering for the same.

Sheet Music
Two Electric Guitars


Always Ready

Red Black Shade Sound Factory is always ready to work with various artists. They are always ready to collaborate in different projects from composition pre-production to delivery or for the band requirement. Red Black Shade The Band and Sound Factory always love to collaborate with different artists.

Red Black Shade Sound Factory: Services


In case for any requirement or for information about Red Black Shade The Band, Sound Factory and their music ? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Pune, India 412207

+91 8983485630

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