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Red Black Shade is the vedic metal and experimental band, composer and recording artist based in Pune, India. Active members of the band are Chaitanya Gautame (guitarist & composer), Sumeet Arya (guitarist, composer & vocalist), Akash Kapoor (drummer), V Kedareshwar (vocalist). They have high influence of Sanatan Vedic Hindu culture and including other various metal artists worldwide. Recorded several compositions like Save Your Souls, Paranoid, Mrutyunjay (featured Ankita Chaudhury as a guest vocalist) and demos like Free Culture, I am Coming, Two, Sixth Sense and On the way to home.

The emergence of the Red Black Shade holds a magnificent meaning and value. It reflects a passionate artistic outlook and a touch of Sanatan Vedic Hindu culture. Colors have their own place value from the originator's spiritual opinion according to their positions. Here, Red Black Shade reflects a journey of life, where red and black depict the flowing blood and black depicts the same blood when dried and the transition between red and black reflects the journey of life in different form of shades.

In the Hindu culture red is known as the color of strength, power, confidence and energy and black is denoted for elegance, authority, formality and absorbs all kind of energy including negative. Both red and black are associated with several deities.

Founder Members

Chaitanya Gautame and Sumeet Arya are the founder member of Red Black Shade the Audio Mist whereas Chaitanya Gautame alone holds the sole ownership of Red Black Shade The  Band, Red Black Shade Sound Factory and all the assets and logos associated with these trademarks. Chaitanya Gautame and Sumeet Arya contribute guitars and whole composition, from pre production to releases, in the band as well as in Red Black Shade Sound Factory. Their playing style includes various forms of early age heavy music like rock, hard rock,  heavy metal, thrash metal. From 2012 till present the band is active.

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Meet the Band


Chaitanya Gautame

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Guitars, song composition, recording, audio/video composition, production, lyrics writing, owner

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Sumeet Arya

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Guitars, song composition, recording, audio/video composition, production, backing vocals, founder member

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V Kedareshwar

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Vocals, growling, backing vocals, lyrics writing, production, co-founder, core member.

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Akash Kapoor

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Drums, song composition, production

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